Recorded performances


An evening at the Queens Crouch End

These are the recordings I made one evening by placing a pocket cassette recorder inside the piano. Morgan would divide the time into sessions containing one or more pieces and would play continously from 3 minutes up to about 20 minutes. I have divided up some of these sessions for ease of access to the pieces  (eg tracks 1a and 1b are from one session and tracks 2a, 2b, and 2c are from one session). A "?" , means I havn't identified the tune! The "MC" is "Chanting Geoffrey"!. I must point out that the piano was very worn with missing notes and notes that would not move. Some good sounds though. Just click a track and crack open a can. Run time for all the tracks is about 1 hour 25 minutes.


TRACK 1a   (favourite melodies) Sunset Boulevard,   ? , Over the Rainbow      

TRACK 1b  (sing alongs) I'm forever Blowing Bubbles, Daisey, Any Old Time, The Old Bull and Bush

TRACK 2a  A Boogie ?

TRACK 2b The Blue Danube Waltzes

TRACK 2c  (favourite melodies) ,?, As time goes by, The Wedding - I think?, ? , jazz type tune ?, Singing in the Rain, In the Mood

TRACK 3  The Minute Waltz- it won't play it! Zorba the Greek

TRACK 4  (Requests) Rock Around the Clock, Que Sera Sera

TRACK 5  (Elvis) Falling in Love with You, My Way, Love me Tender, Blue Suade Shoes, Walk On

TRACK 6  (pub favourites) Somebody stole my Girl,  Has anybody seen my girl, Side by Side, When the Saints

TRACK 7  (Final pieces/boogies) Cross Hand Boogie, Bumble Boogie, Maple leaf Rag

TRACK 8  Tiger Rag

Piano solos released on disc

Hurricane Boogie              Oriole  10inch 78 no CB1320

Laughing Rag                     Oriole  10inch 78 no CB1320

Stumbling                            Oriole 10 inch 78 no CB1387

Parisian Rhapsody             Oriole 10 inch 78 no CB1387

Ask for Joe                          Oriole  10inch 78 no CB1328

Sound Barrier Boogie        Oriole  10inch 78 no CB1320

Unpublished works left in manuscript

London Concerto             Complete score reproduced using Sibelius software

Rock 68     Complete score reproduced using Sibelius software

Blue Bossa Nova     Complete score reproduced using Sibelius software

With tenor John Evans

"Because"  by Guy d'Hardelot is from 1902  and was a big hit for Enrico Caruso in 1913. My thanks to Salvatore Vitrano for supplying a tape of their recordings.




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