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A successful song writing duo 1958 - 1965 (2 of 3)

A rare film "Spike Milligan Treasure Island WC2"

In 1961 they both featured in a short film called Spike Milligan in Treaure Island WC2 where they are two aspiring song writers trying to make the big time through tough song publishers. It featured also a song called Teasure Island specially written for the purpose and perfomed by Garry Mills. Although the comentary  is witty and comical it does give a good account of the difficult process of getting a song from its first concept into vinyl. Here is a still from the film showing them waiting to see "Mr. Nesbit" the music publisher!

When asked "Who are you?" They reply that they had written:-

"House of Bamboo" (Words only by Bill Crompton - london Records 45-HLA 8784 and recorded by Andy Williams in 1959),

 "A Hoot an' a Holler" (HMV 45-pop649 in 1959 and recorded by Don Lang and his Frantic Five in 1959)

 "Heart of a Teenage Girl" (Top Rank International JAR340 and recorded by Craig Douglas in 1960 reaching number 10 in the charts)

Also in the film there is an amazing performance of Morgan playing Crosshands Boogie !

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