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A successful song writing duo 1958 - 1965 (1 of 3)


A promotional picture 1960's

By the end of the 1950's Morgan moved on from performing to song writing and formed a succesful partnership with libretist Bill Crompton publishing there first song "A Hoot and a Holler" on the"Fontana" label in 1958 with Bill Crompton on vocals. There followed in the next year an interesting song called "49 State Rock" written jointly and performed by Nikki Pappas, The song mentions all the US states at the time.  For the next few years they steadly wrote singles for some well know performers.

 In 1960 The Stranger (The Shadows) reached number 5 in the charts and Dream Girl (Mark Wynter) came 4th in the Eurovision Song Contest 1961. Also that year Morgan played dazzeling piano on the song "So What" (Jonny kidd and the Pirates) which he co-wrote with Bill Crompton.  They  wrote songs for many other artists including Joe Brown, Dickie Valentine, The Fentones and Winifred Atwell.

They went on writing songs mainly as a duo until 1965 and I have found a total of 37 singles released on a variety of labels. A browse through their published songs gives a good idea of what they were doing at a time when the style of music was rapidly changing (you can listen to their songs including songs Morgan wrote with others on "youtube" and mp3 links on my Discography page).

It seems towards the mid 1960's they realised that songs were giving way to groups and solo singers who wrote their own material and sentimantal lyrics were out date. No doubt they both went their own way and Morgan concentrated on his own business of arranging and performing demos of other musician's material for presenting to music publishers.